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ol_styx (Off Limits map)

Wesley Tack

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Just finished my first complete map for Half-Life². It's for the mod http://www.off-limits.be. I started on it since the end of march, and took about a months break, so it's 3 months of late night work. I made a lot of custom content for it, such as textures (road/crossover/buildings/...) and props (subwaytrain/hospitalsign/powerpoles/...). Loom / Reko-dave also helped out with some props (signs/ticketgates/subwaybenches/...) a big thanks to them!. With this Off Limits gets another step closer to being released :)

To all the people who helped me with problems/errors/bugs: THANK YOU ! :P

Here are some screenshots of it:












more on my portfolio:


Hope you like it!

And I hope I'll see you in the map asap playing Off Limits ! :twisted:

- Wesley

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I will! And I really like it alot.. But as I understood, this map is not for HL2, its for some modification called off-limits :? And could you please tell me some more about it?

It's for http://www.off-limits.be a HL2 modification, so it will be used for source.

Tell you more about it? hmm well, most of the stuff is on our website, but in short: 2 teams, 1 alien, and basicly it's team vs. team vs. alien with teamplay ofcourse and drivable vehicles and spawn capturing as seen in this screenshot: http://www.wesleytack.com/level/styx/styx_28.jpg

Thats very short, but we have thought everything through, it's complicated but easy to play. We will release gameplay video's soon, but with summer here and temperatures of 35°C we aren't working that much lately :P So for more info go to the site and check out the "media" for team info and check out "info" for FAQ and other stuff.

looks suh-weet indeed.

one question, though: what is that red deal on the side of the pistol?

It's actually not a real weapon, it's an exact copy of an Airsoft weapon, so is the Omnicol (also one of our weapons). That red thing was on it, and it's the 1st weapon model i start back ages ago. And the red thing has always been there :P I think it's for a steady pose or something, since it was for pro-shooting (BB-gun wise). Here is a reference picture I used:



- Wesley

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Yep vivi,

as i posted in my post, loom and reko did some props, they both are pro's, love their work a lot, i was happy they wanted to do some stuff for poor me :)

Reko did some of the ad-signs and the JCV one

Loom did the subwaybench/telephone/adstands (with doom/ltj bukem/.. etc on it) He also skinned the pickup truck.


You have to understand this map was made for Off Limits, the gameplay was kept in mind while building this map. It is indeed sealed off completly for the reason we will have an alien walking walls/ceilings, and will be able to jump high/far, so I didn't want the alien players to jump into air hitting an invisible wall all the time. The only place where this will happen is when the player walks upward in the outdoor area, after 6/7 floors they will hit the skybox top. Thats all, If i added gaps in the sides, going over to a horizon, they would also wanna jump in those hitting nothingness, and thats what i wanted to avoid.

About the hl1 look, I went pretty far into the limits of source. I hit limits on entity's, on sounds, it may look like hl1, but hunting an alien in a small map would mean short roundtimes and easy alien killing (also something our gameplay wont allow).

I already made a list of stuff i recieved from posting these screens, and i will still fix them. Mostly some more brushwork and texture allignments. But after those fixes I really will be moving one. A lot more work to be done on the mod that needs attention :)

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