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I enjoy traveling!!!


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heyo it's duffy

i just got back from italy/amsterdam and was just curious....would anyone be willing to put me up in their house/apartment for a couple nights? i would accomdate you if you ever decided to pass through nyc.

i know it sounds extremely sketchy but I'm already trying to plan out my euro-plans for winter and figure its worth a shot. I really want to go to sweden/finland.

<3 duffy <3

PS - I realize there are a lot of cheap hostels but I'm really trying to penny pinch. Don't have much money to work with.

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Sweden/Finland :D

I don't have a flat of my own so can't really offer a room.

However there's a really cheap hostel in midtown Helsinki,

it's called "Stadionin hostelli" (Stadium Hostel). It's located

inside the olympic stadium. It's part of the international

Youth Hostel group, so you might want to get the membership

card if you're going to stay there. The prices go from

16 euros and up.

ps. Finland is freaking cold in the winter, I would seriously

recommend you come here in the summer :wink:

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