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American Rebellion - Information

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American Rebellion

- Civil War of 2020 -


2002 :: President George W. Bush declares war on the country of Iraq as a direct result of the 9/11 attack.

2003-2006 :: US forces occupy Iraq and search for "Weapons of MASS Destruction" that George claims Iraq possesses. None were found.

2007 :: Intelligence discovers that a underground terrorist organization named Eminent Attack Force was truly responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The Eminent Attack Force is found to be based in the United States, and it is found that George W. Bush is the leader of this underground organization, and is impeached and sent to prison.

2008 :: US Forces and supplies are removed from Iraq.

2009 :: New leaders arise within the Eminent Attack Force and begin small operations targeting malls, schools, hospitals, and sports centers.

2010-2012 :: Eminent Attack Force actively recruits any willing and able male and female over the age of 16 to fight against the US.

2013-2016 :: US forces organize and gather intel about key training facilities, leaders, and the weaponry of Eminent Attack Force, and plan to eliminate their current leader.

2017 :: US Forces move in on a Eminent Attack Force safe house in the Mountains of Colorado, none survived. The safe house was abandoned.

2018-2019 :: Eminent Attack Force makes several attacks to eliminate government officials and fail. Eminent Attack Force scientists develop new age weapons and all Eminent Attack Force soldiers are outfitted with the newly developed weapons and gear.

2020 :: President declares war against Eminent Attack Force and fighting breaks out in city streets.

I am still working on more details, im sure many of you would have ideas to change things. I am open to any ideas!

Map Locations:

With forces in nearly every large state in the US many battles will take place in large cities.

- New York, NewYork

- Dallas, Texas

- Los Angeles, California

- Miami, Florida

- Denver, Colorado

- Illinois, Chicago

- Detroit, Michigan

& more.


Featuring current modern weapons and new age concept weapons that are within realistic reasoning (no energy bolts or plasma shields).

Character Selections:

US Forces:

- Police Officer

- Swat

- US Marine

- Pilot

- Navy Seal

Eminent Attack Force:

- EAF Recruit

- EAF Officer

- EAF Civilian

- EAF Pilot

- EAF Swat

New Features:

- Iron Sight: Allows you to aim down the sight of your weapons.

- Leaning: Allows you to lean to the left and right. Used to peak around walls and corners.


This content is still in development and may be subject to change.

American Rebellion - Civil War of 2020 - will be a Source Modification.


As we are still a developing mod we have many positions open for development staff, and they are as follows:

- Public Relations Director: As a PR Director you will manage questions of the general public, find ways to advertise our mod to the community, and gather information from the community pertaining to what you would like to see in the mod.

- Weapon Concept Artist: You will develop weapon concepts that could very well be seen by the year 2020.

- Map Concept Artist: You will develop map layouts and ideas of areas of cities from several state such as TX, NY, FL, CO, Etc.

- Character Concept Artist: You will develop the look of each of the specified character types.

- Lead Coder: As lead coder you will be doing a large part of all coding for the mod, and will set goals for other coders.

- Coder: As a coder you will be given a specific task by the lead coder.

- Lead Modeler: As lead modeler you will assign different projects to specific modelers, you will also set goals for these projects, and will do a large amount of modeling yourself.

- Weapons Modeler: As a weapons modeler, you will be doing just that, modeling weapons that are assigned to you by the lead modeler. You will be allowed to model with the program of your choice. Weapon concept art will be provided.

- Map Modeler/Developer: As a map modeler/developer you will be in charge of creating the mods maps for several game types. Map concept art and ideas will be provided, you will have the option to add your own personal touch to it also.

- Character Modeler: As character modeler you will be developing the look fo the different character classes. You will be given free choice of program to use. Character concept art will be provided, you will have the option to apply your own creativity to it.

- Texture Artist: As a texture artist you will create textures for weapons, maps, and characters. Model images will be provided.

- Web Developer: As Web Developer you will be designing the mods official website, logo, and promotional material. If possible you will also be coding the website (If you cannot code, don't sweat it).

Beta testers will be recruited after the mod makes more progress.

Please submit the following information to ciraco@cegl.net to join the American Rebellion development team:

- Full Name:

- Age:

- Location:

- How many hours/week you can donate toward mod development:

- Position Wanted:

- Portfolio:

- Any other information about yourself that you feel may be useful:

- Do you have a microphone: (yes/no)

Contact Information:

IRC: #CEGL on gamesurge

Email: ciraco@cegl.net

MSN: aesports-ceo@hotmail.com

Xfire: Ciraco

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I'm not going to lock this, but I'll be the nice guy and ask that the rabid hordes not flame this guy to death. Instead, I'll point out the obvious and we can all go back to our day to day lives.

Ciraco, you've got nothing and you're asking for everything. Nobody is going to volunteer because as of right now there is only a .000001% chance of return on their investment of time. You don't have a coder, which means you've got nothing. In addition, you don't appear to have any art or level assets. It's great you have a gameplan of the type of team you want to put together, but it really reeks of somebody with no mod exerpience. You don't start off and ask for concept artists. Concept artists are like people with two perfectly good legs but never learned to walk. They don't really contribute much of anything besides BS to give to PHL. Most level designers, modelers, and other artists are perfectly capable of sketching out their own work and usually hate working off of somebody else's design. You're also asking for a web developer even if they don't know how to make websites. See my previous analogy.

The scope of your mod is very large and suffers from the "ship it all once" syndrome that a lot of failing mods have. They want all their features, lots of models, lots of maps, and lots of gameplay types all in the first version. Successful mods rarely do this. They usually aim for something small and managable to begin with, perfect the gameplay, and add things as they go. Also, any mention of beta testers when you don't have a single line of code is like asking your neighbor to pick up your mail while you're still trying to find money to go on vacation. The cart is so far ahead of the horse you can't see it.

Just being honest because it's my job. As I said, I'm not going to lock this thread in case you want to discuss things. Everybody else, please don't be dicks... too much.

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I agree with everything Fletch said.

But what can you do, a mod has got to start somewhere.

I suggest you personally contact a few programmers/artists

(before you start posting ads on forums, websites etc.) to see

if they might be interested in your ideas. After all, having something

to show will make your ideas more appealing to people thus creating

a chance for the dev.team to grow.

Just my 2 cents

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JAL: I'd say you have to give a little to get a little. Learn to code. Learn to map. Learn to produce some sort of art asset. Coding would probably be the best start since it will generally be hard to find a coder that wants to work purely off of somebody else's idea.

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a webdesigner does not need to know how to code, just needs to know photoshop basicly.

I can code the site myself.

I do a little design, but when i do designs for my personal projects, i never like my own work.

I have past 3DSM 5 modeling exp with making weapons models for The Sum of all Fears several years ago, so i would need to get 3DSM 8 and look at a few vid tuts to refresh my mind.

I have bought a book to start learning C++

I also have mapping exp in Call of Duty1, but not CSS or HL2.

Where would I be able to find coders and modlers and their contact info?

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