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A Scanner Darkly


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I don't think it's had a wide release yet (or ever will) but anyone catch it?

It was pretty damn great. A shame, really, that it's being sort of pushed aside, and I guess opening opposite Pirates doesn't really help, but if you get the chance, go see it. There seem to be very few good movies coming out as of recent, especially good sci-fi.

It's just refreshing to actually come out of a theatre after seeing something special.

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saw it last night. There were a few points in which some of the audience seemed :???::? but I think they figured out what was going on a little bit later. Its not an action movie like Minority Report so don't go in there for it. Its more a psychological, thinking movie that makes you leave the theater thinking more about the movie. The rotoscoping is awesome and at times actually makes you think that you are spaced.

Just watching and seeing all the work they did, its just :megamon: :quagmire::mario: some of the stuff is rather lifelike (which it should be considering its all drawn over real footage), other times you don't think that they did any work since the colors are just spot on.

I give it 4 / 5 :spot:s

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near future and the US has lost the war on Drugs, so there are a lot of drugs floating around and people just going crazy while on those drugs. Its Rotoscoped so its all live action just drawn over with some nifty cel shading like effects.

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