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dod_breugel public beta test


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hey guys~

its finally here bit late but still

the b8 version apears stable on my pc, and the fps are more solid then before, let me first say that due to the nature of the map its a plain <3<3<3<3<3 to optimize, and one of my biggest challenges yet!, while it might not run as prety for everyone right now it has come to a point were its acceptable for public testing

optimization will continue afther the release ofcourse

theres still alot of things i can and will do to make it perfect


and the link:



will add mirrors as they come

big thx to coolhand,shane, fuzzdad dodteam and travis ;) for helping me out, and my lovely girl sant for doing textures and having patience watching me map all weekend

enjoy hope to see ya on the servers!!!!

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I found it way too easy to camp each first flag. That sandbag facing the allies spawn exit noticeably, but there are similar situations against the axis.

I also must say that it looks very good, and gives the exact "holland" feeling as portrayed in many other films/games, but that's hardly a surprise when you out of all people made the map :)

I think the vertical gameplay is the downside of the map. I'd like to think that I have a fairly good chance of capping the middle flag with a teammate once I reach it, but while the flag only takes two people, I found it took more than that to cover all angles, as indeed one can be shot from all around the flag....and even from above. If you could try some type of a shack to cover the flag, that might work better for me.

The insides of buildings could do with a little less options (but that's again a personal preference) though I like the way one can use them to break down a chokepoint, by going around it quickly rather than going around the same corner of the same building over and over again only to get mowed down by the same MG....

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