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BG2 map


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I have decided to make my own thread, things are changing fast so I dont want to flood the wip thread.

Anywho, heres whats going on, started work on a river to the side of the emplacment. It ends in a large waterfall. I have roughed that in with a scrolling texture for the water, but I still need to get it looking nice.

I think I will start on my skybox very soon, its going to dictate the look of the map a lot I think. I am still not 100% sure how I am going to do it. At the moment I am leaning towards making a big model.



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thats really awsome!! and just what BG2 needs some great looking maps,

i've always found the mod enjoyable while alitle frustrating, it is really tobad the mod hasnt drawn some really skilled people yet, that can bring this to the next level, and rework the skins and models

really nice work!

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