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DOD_Anemia by FMPONE


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Preview Video


hello :D

Its based off of the 1.3 official map dod_sturm, I have decided to take the map in a different direction and make it more fun for source while adding some atmosphere with a snowy setting.

The layout is basically just scaled up because in my opinion DOD:S gets a bit frantic in close range and I don't enjoy maps that force too much of that type of fighting.

Hope you like.

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looks hot indeed!

my feedback would be the following:

- lighting seems a bit blend (like; I don't see any shadows beneath the snowed tiger and it looks like it's floating because of that), also: I think it would look better with HDR (or more of that): winter has a blinding sun!

- from the pictar I think some tree props could be placed a bit more logical (I'm talking about the bridge area) and maybe more 'grouped'

- sidewalks could use a bit more detail (even if it's only a different texture wich shows a rim or so)

I can btw really see the resemblance with sturm (and no, I didn't chuckle) and I'd also like to say the church R0xorZ! :-D

apart from this: welcome to mapcore! :wink:

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I don't know, I'm kind of tired of these dod maps. They all look the same. It looks cool indeed but doesn't bring anything new to be quite honest.

Another thing that bothers me is that it does not have any destruction at all! Try and change the atmosphere, add some destruction to the map and twisted landmarks then it can actually look fresh. Otherwise people will play your map and forget about it soon after.

Sorry to sound a bit harsh but that's my opinion.

keep it up anyways.

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looks good. But like skdr said, you need a lesson in screenshotting ;)

Post screens from a players perspective and an overview plz:)

Haha, I had hoped the angles were dramatic XD

Get you some more screens and hopefully an overview in a day or two :)

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