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Gothic III


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Gothic I and II have been very popular here in Germany (maybe because Piranha Bytes is a German company? I don't know..) so many players here anticipate it.

I think the screenshots they have released so far range from good to "meh", artists can probably tell you better what's wrong with their lighting or assets, but don't judge a book by its cover right?!

I saw it at E3 and was a bit surprised that it only got one machine in a bulk of dozen others demoing other games, unless I somehow missed the main booth.

It looked okay, far from spectacular though. I just couldn't pull myself from looking at the main character's ponytail that constantly clipped through his head when moving. It's a 3rd person game. That's like fucking up the weapon in a FPS. COME ON Piranha you can do better than that!

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Ï bet d3 likes this one :)

But if i have to be honest, I didnt like that at all.. It doesnt look fantastic (like TES:Oblivion does [i mean graphics]).. And i think that every Role Playing Game needs something special, and they shouldnt look same.. Boring

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Theres nothing really special or interesting about this mmorpg. Its alot like that camelot one and asherons call or whatever. Really nothing that sets it apart from the pack.

But its not an mmorpg.

I'm not sure if any of you have actually played Gothic I or II, they were never that grand graphics wise. Yet they had incredible RPG gameplay. I'm expecting nothing more or less from Gothic III.

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