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SVN directories being picked up by Hammer. Fix?


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Argh. This started happening with a steam update a few days ago.

For FF, we use Subversion (SVN) for version control. The way it works is it maintains a working copy of each directory on your client and it uses hidden .svn directories in each folder to do this (for example /fortressforever/ has a folder called /.svn/ as does every subfolder). The actual files in the /.svn/ folders are NOT named as regular files. Here's an example of a file in an /.svn/ folder: motd.txt.svn-work. They all have a svn.work extension. This is designed to stop these files being picked up by any dev tools and it used to work fine. However, hammer is now picking some of these up.

The main problem is caused by hammer finding some kind of config file in an /.svn/ directory and adding all of HL2's resources using this directory. It only happens with mounted .gcf files, it does not happen with actual FF resources themselves. I.e. every single material and prop found in the hl2 .gcf files are now showing up twice in the resource browsers.

In the material browser we have a complete copy of all materials, all with the /.svn/ subfolder. For example: The first texture visible in the material browser is ".svn/brick/brickfloor001a". After this, there follows a full copy of the HL2 material resources. Once the .svn/ textures finish, the proper ones appear.

The same happens for props. If you search for a prop, you will get two results back, one with a .svn/ prefix and the other in the proper location. This is driving me insane. We have been able to exclude the materials using hammer's exclude directory feature, as mirv wrote a script to generate a valid text file for this stuff (with all the appropriate directories). However, there is no functionality available that will block props from appearing in the hammer model browser.

I know other people and modders are having this problem. Does anybody know what we can do about it short of waiting for valve to fix it?

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