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I just bought a dreamcast


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Dreamcast - the last console I bought. T'was awesome.

- Jet Grind Radio (it had an inferior sequel on X-Box called Jet Set Radio Future, the original on DC is much much better - definitely my favorite DC game)

- Ikagara (sp?) (top down shooter, really cool)

- Samba de Amigo (only if you can find the maraca controllers!)

- Power Stone, Power Stone 2 (fantastic game for parties)

- Marvel vs. Capcom 2

- Dynamite Cop (Streets of Rage-style arcade game, spiritual successor to Die Hard Arcade. Super awesome.)

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Excellent! Been thinking about getting another Dreamcast just for backup in case the old one should get worn down (Never know with those drives) D:

Whats this bullshit of no cool games for the DC? Its packed with amazing games which you can probably get hella cheap too~

Just off the top of my head:

Soul Calibur

Sonic Adventure 1+2 (Flawed but still good fun)

Crazy Taxi

Shenmue (1+2, but you can get the 2nd one for the Xbox where the gfx are a bit better)

Hydro Thunder

Power Stone

House of the Dead 2 (In all its lightgun and bad voiceacting glory!!)

Virtua Tennis

Jet Set Radio

Its good shit~

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Power Stone (1 is awesome, 2 has some problems but adds 4 player)

Sonic Adventure (2 kinda sucks for the addition of the stupid fishing levels)

Guantlet Legends for lengthy co-op party fun

Super Monkey Ball

Virtua Tennis (still my favorite tennis game of all time)

Marvel vs Capom 2 or Street Fighter Alpha 3 for some old skoolin

Skies of Arcadia (the best RPG on the console)

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i heard about most of these :)

I'll definiately try to find MDK 1/2

street fighter alpha 3? definiatley getting it, together with the marvel vs capcom and SNK series games

ive been reluctant about how good the jetset game is because i only played its xbox sequel and did not like it much... i'll try it out though.

the shenmue games are ofcourse a must,

Also at the local gamestore here they have loads of dreamcast stuff... lightguns, the motion sensitive fishing rod etc... pretty much every controller made for the console. And also a wall of games. I even think they have the maraca controllers. everything is very expensive though... so i'm not sure if i'll actually end up buying the games (it's not like the developpers are still making profit out of them).

I might get the lightgun though :)

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