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Seeking name or info on this toy.


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Okay, this is very important, listen up. Lifes depend on this.

I'm trying to remember this toy from when I was a kid. It was a skeleton-like hand cover. It wrapped along your wrist and hand. Your fingertips would be underneath and would control the movements of the skeleton's fingertips. It was made of cheap plastic and the finger controls were kinda annoying cause you couldn't really grip anything. But thats besides the point.

I can't find any photographs or the name of it atleast, does anyone know? I know some people remember it.. but I can't find anything on it.

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Yup :(

Chris Farly (wich I think was a great and funny actor) died of an accidental opiate and cocaine intoxication back in 1997.

Read it on IMDB... :(

edit: might be interesting to read (sorry if this goes off topic but I'mm willing to take that risk):

After some more time, he made another "lone" movie, Beverly Hills Ninja (1997), which featured former SNL member Chris Rock. Farley was made even more famous, but with his growing fame, his problems grew bigger as well; he didn't want to be the "fat guy who falls down" any longer. Chris had several other problems, too, with alcohol and drug dependency. On December 17th, 1997, he died from a heroin (opiate) and cocaine overdose in his apartment in Chicago, where his body was found by his brother John the next day. Chris' weigh of 296 pounds was a contributing factor to his death, but according to his autopsy the alcohol, marijuana and Prozac that was also found in his body, were not. Less than two months prior to Farley's death, he had appeared alongside Chevy Chase on what would be Farley's only SNL show as host. Not unlike his idol John Belushi, he was credited for one more appearance after having left SNL and died at age 33. His death cause was also the same. In the year after Chris' departing, the movie Almost Heroes (1998), where he plays the leading role alongside Matthew Perry was released. He also makes cameo appearances in Dirty Work (1998) and The Waterboy (1998).

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