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de_nightfever *beta* by d00ds.com


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Map Name: de_nightfever *beta*

Author: StarD00d & Magikus (d00ds.com)

Release Date: 09 July 2006

Number of Spawn Points: 40


This is the BETA version of de_nightfever, the 3rd map of d00ds.com following de_losttemple and de_cpl_fire.

de_nightfever is taking place in a modern office complex right after midnight.

The idea was (in contrast to most hl2- and cs-maps) to create a clean and hyper-modern atmosphere with strong use of lighting and shadows. There are 39 custom models and 95 custom materials.

Terrorists have to disable the electricity by placing C4 on bombsite A or on the internet-connection area on bombsite B to hinder the transmission of important data.

Counter-Terrorists have to neutralize all terrorist forces or disarm the C4.

Of course a lot of effort was spend into layouting the map. There are 4 main routes in the map: to the left using the streets to enter B, using the bridge to enter B, through the middle entering A or B and over the right roof to enter A:

Overview including routes: http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_overview_ani.gif


01 The main hall in the center (T side):

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta01.jpg

02 The main hall in the center (CT side):

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta02.jpg

03 Above the main hall:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta03.jpg

04 Above the main hall shooting through the glass:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta04.jpg

05 Outside on the street:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta05.jpg

06 Bombspot A:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta06.jpg

07 Bombspot B:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta07.jpg

08 Leaving the main hall to the street:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta08.jpg

09 Corridor to B:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta09.jpg

10 Corridor to A:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta10.jpg

11 The library besides bombsite B:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta11.jpg

12 CT Rushing the bridge:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta12.jpg

13 T sniping over the bridge:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta13.jpg

14 Garage at T-Spawn:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta14.jpg

15 Looking into the garage:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta15.jpg

16 On the roof:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta16.jpg

17 The roof from above:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta17.jpg

18 Securing A:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta18.jpg

19 CT-Spawn:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta19.jpg

20 Jumping up on the outside:

- http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta20.jpg


Map incl. Nav-File: http://ingame.de/mapbase/index.php?action=file&cid=5&fid=1773

List of servers running the map:

Currently the map runs on the following servers:

- (GER) ingame.de #1 at

- feel free to name your servers running the map!

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Looks really good. I love the most of your maps because you incorporate alot of good gameplay, but used enought detail and effects to utilize the source engine in a way that almost all computers can run with good FPS. Anyway love the look of this map, reminds me of de_tega, or the whole hospital scene from from sof2. Looks great, probally will download it and play through it with a couple of friends.

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great first release at mapcore! me likes! i made 2 screenshots to show you what i like most and what has definitly to be improved:

that looks great even it is just a simple plane with a phototexture!


that looks rather good. kinda nuclear aquarium?! add blue colors.


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this is hot stuff i found a couple of graphicle glitches that i made screenshots of but iam too tired rigth now to upload and post em first thign in the morning i promise :)

i didnt fully understand the layout but it was a blast to play none the less ( even just with bots ) :banjo: BANJO SMILEY FOR THE WIN !

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