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Top 10 Video Games Weapon List


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I agree with the grav gun but the turtle shield ? or the halo sword ? A shield or a sword, wow original. Never used in any games before. And really hard to use too!

The turtle shield only requires minor timing and no aiming, strategy, combo situations, environmental influence and so on. And it doesnt cast a pretty effect either to compensate the other elements that are important in weapon design. Thats pretty boring design.

I especially miss the UT shockrifle/ASMD. A good weapon has combo abilities and or can be used for multiple things and not just killing enemies. Like getting around an obstacle in the environment. UTs piston jump does that as does some quake weapons and ofcourse the grav gun.

For me the shockrifle is on the first place. It has the timing and functionality of a rail gun yet it also has a projectile based energy ball with splash damage like a rocketcannon and when the energy ball is shot by the "rail gun" you get a huge blast. Thats gives more depth and potential.

When a weapon can combine the aiming and timing required by instant hit weapons together with the timing of projectile based weapons in 1 its great imo.

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? the halo sword isnt really innovative ofcourse but it is the most badass melee weapon in a shooter imo. Its the only melee weapon i'd rather have over a gun in a shooter. The way you use it doesnt really compare much to the gauntlet imo...


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