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Warhammer40k 3d people sought!(volunteer)

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Looking for skilled 3d people who use 3dsMax v6.x+ and/or Photoshop for use in building models from concepts. These will then be rigged, textured and animated (by yourself if desired) and imported into the game, Dawn of War.

Models usually range from standard units (2000-2500polys) to unique ones (5-7k polys). Bipeds will likely be done more often although vehicles and buildings will be needed as well.

We are mainly looking for Modellers/Unwrappers (Maya or 3dsMax), Texturers (Photoshop or applicable paint program), and Animators (3dsMax). As noted, we can only use 3dsMax for animating due to custom bone scripts required by the game we are developing for.

This is a massive opportunity and challenge to network with fellow 3d people while working on some *very cool* models and seeing them operating in a real-time environment. If you have a passion for the history and art that which is Warhammer 40,000 then this cannot be missed.

Samples of pre-existing work (from ALL War40k races, factions, and

chapters) available upon request!

Contact: thudo@spymac.com or xboxkid@daysnet.com

Thanks everyone!

This is for all of the Dawn of War mods that are out there not just one.


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