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CS_DOCKS2 - The Dockening...er...est


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Still working on Kerk, but I needed to play around with something completely different so I didn't go batty, and thought it was a good time to go back and play with Docks seeing as Brew was nice enough to entrust it to Mojo, Mike, and Me (and Joesmoe, but he isn't aruond and his named didn't match the alliteration I had going there).

So I'm calling this Docks 2 because it's Docks but it isn't. I really wanted to stay as faithful as possible to the original level, but Docks had some flaws when it came to the realm of logic (I mean, come on, it was a river with no exit). Also, because of Half-Life/CS's persistent issues with water and gameplay, I had to make sure people weren't going to go muck around in the water, so that meant one of the main routes had to changed. Additionally, the sewer route has been scrapped and replaced with some modified layout bits that should help rebalance it. Overall, the main layout is left alone, but the surrounding architecture gets a major facelift. (the famous, how to make a vis blocking hallway is now a street). But since I changed some significant layout things, and because I'd feel like a prick calling this thing cs_docks, it's being called cs_docks2.

These are shots from what I'm considering the first alpha. It's technically playable, but there are some lighting, clipping, and other rendering bugs that persist (including Source's pissy water).


The new "back route" that used to be the water route. You now run behind some warehouses to get to the dock area. It leaves you vulnerable to sniper fire, but you can duck and avoid it to a degree.


The CT spawn. I saw a picture of these building fronts in a magazine and liked them enough to put them in. Need to finish connecting the bridge in the background to the skybox.


func_dustmotes is cool


Standing between the two T buildings.


Upstairs in one of the T buildings. Used to be crates and radios.


T warehouse. Still tweaking those lights to get the ambient level correct.


CT vantage point of the route from the first shot. skybox on that side needs to be redone. Valve made shitty skybox models.

Still tweaking those env_lightglows since Valve seems incapable of allowing for settings to make it look correct. So if you've got suggestions, let me hear them. And if somebody want's to make an impassioned defense of why there needs to be a sewer route, feel free to make it. I'm not completely dismissive of the idea.

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Looks pretty good, but to be honest it dosn't really have that docks feel. Mabey try more of a darkish blue color for the light_env? Also in some spots it looks really dark. I really like the idea of recreating docks in a more polished fashion. Keep it up!

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I really should start turning net_graph off for these things. :)

The warehouse interior is supposed to be much brighter. I've been having a really wierd issue where the lights in there work fine in my test map, but then fuck up when i compile the full map. it's flip flopped back and forth 2 or 3 times now and it's making me insane. The rest of the areas I've tried to divide into playable and nonplayable zones. The playable zones get nice overhead lighting while the others don't, hopefully ending up with the illusion of a dark night without makign people crank gamma. My overall feeling is that in this day and age if you're willing to put down $400 on a new graphics card, but can't pony up for a new monitor to replace those dim CRTs, you need to stop playing games.

As for bluish tint lighting: no. I hate bluish tint lighting. It is not blue outside at night. I can prove this. Go outside at night. See, it's not blue. It's not that I want to piss on tradition, but blue "night" lighting is just on of those HL conventions I want to die.

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lol now thats a bit of a harsh statement. . . actually when the moons full or near full its very blue-ish at night. Least here it is in TN, idk where you are Fletch :P

Its a nice looking conversion, I'm liking it a lot so far. I hope it to be better than DJbourgeoisies version.

keep it going!

yeah i hate getting env_lightglows to be set right.

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yeah I'd have to agree and say you should fix that building in the second picture. . It looks awkward in the scene. .

"some people just dont like dark maps..."

lol I like seeing in maps. Or you could advertise a map thats made explicity for using nightvision. .. like so many fys before it.



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as far as the sewer goes...

couldn't you find a clever way to make the entraces and exits ramps instead of ladders?

that way its the best of both worlds.

also (and this is a weird suggestion that I"m surprised nobody ever did.) It would be cool to add sewer grates every 30 feet or so- so if the ct's were using the sewer the t's could see them and try to run after them. Just a neat little addition.

Anyway, cool work so far, lighting needs love.

ps. it IS blue outside at night depending on the time of year and how much light the moon is reflecting because whereas the suns light is not blue, a lot of stars are. This is also acceptable in more than just half life maps (most games, including bia although ours is a bit purple) such as most movies, tv, and such. It's helpful for portraying contrast where it's difficult to get it.

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