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Brilliance has a new name: Locoroco


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I saw this game on TV and i immediately recognised its brilliance. Its one of those games made by crazy japs. Unfortunately its for the PSP and i dont have one, but i would almost buy it for this game.


You play a blob that can grow or multiply, and you move around the world by rotating the level. Absolutely genius.

Watch some videos here to understand it a bit better:

http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/loco ... q=locoroco

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I've played it on a colleague's PSP this week, and quite frankly it's pure genius. It's just fun fun fun and fun....the sounds are amazingly refreshing and make you laugh and the whole art direction is just brilliant.

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I've heard a lot of people going nuts over this, it looks really cool.

Someone mentioned the PS3 and it's tilting controller being a good port for it, but I frankly wasn't paying attention so I don't know if this was just wishful thinking or if it's something that's happening.

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Mazy is so with the times, that he is beyond the times.

I saw a trailer for this quite a while back and liked what I saw. Haven't been playing my PSP for a long while but now I've got significant travels every day to work I'm getting back into it. I think this is my next PSP game :)

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OOOOLD (Was released a week ago ;))

How can it be old if it was released just a week ago :oops:


But yeah, its probably the cutest and most cozy game I've ever tried, even more than Katamari Damacy~~tis awesome :)~

Also the graphics are superb, some of the best on the PSP

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