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The mapcore classics server!


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Who here misses the old days of early halflife mapping? I thought it would be cool to set up a half life deathmatch server that has only the very first maps of mapcore members :).

Right now it only runs kokosovar's and my first ever hldm maps. Use this thread to submit your old maps, I will add them to the server asap. The server will ONLY have our maps in the cycle, no valve maps. I'll also list download links here if available but it doesnt really matter much as most of these first maps are small in size :).

Mapcore classics

8 players max

current maps in cycle:

factor (by kokosovar)

hoth (by Pericolos0)

MAZY51 (by Mazy)






i'll be running this server 24/7 for as long as possible, so use irc or steam friend to get together and relive the old days! :)

download links:


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ferret i'm pretty sure thats not one of your first maps right :P... how awesome it may be. It's a little big for people to download

mazy thats not your first map! It looks too good for that :P

I want mazy51pic1.jpg

Also does anyone know how i can change the maqptimes? so the servers switches to a new map every 20 minutes or so?

I'll be gone this weekend so i wont be able to add new maps until sunday btw...

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Oooh good stuff peri! I've got quite a lot of old HLDM maps, but my first was the glorified killbox "Obsolete". My next maps "Elixir" was a lot better looking and more fun though, so I'd prefer it if you put that up :P It's still fairly n00by in a lot of ways if that makes it qualify! Anyway, take your pick :)





I made plenty of others too, but if you want our early stuff then those are the best options I guess. Looking forward to playing some of these :)

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