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Tell me about your CS adventure!


How long have you played Counter-Strike?  

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  1. 1. How long have you played Counter-Strike?

    • Less then a year.
    • More then a year.
    • Two years or more.
    • Three years or more.
    • Four years or more.
    • Five years or more.
    • Six years or more.
    • Seven years or more.

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A simple question i don't want to be filled with shit from EOT so restrain yourself pls. But i want to know how long you have played Counter-Strike including Source. Pls add the first map you remembered aswell. For me it was CS_Desert and it was awsome back then, it was a favorite for us at the school. I started in 1999-2000 and it might have been beta.v.1 but im not 100% sure. So that makes it 7 years! Time fly bye.

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4 years. I never really liked CS tbh but I used to play it with friends some times.

My first map was de_dust and it was also my first experience with the "A-W-S-D + mouse" fashion. The funny thing is that when they changed the map I was the top fragger :D

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Beta 1, I was fortunate to have a (prototype) cable modem back then.

90% of people had a 200+ ping while I had a 40-50 most of the time :D

suffice to say it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

The first map I remember playing was cs_siege.

Looking back it was funny, because during the first month of playing cs

I didn't know how to buy weapons. I thought the weapons were just randomly

placed in the map :D . So I used to follow a guy with a weapon, so

when he was dead I could get the gun.

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