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Anyone know how to syncronise max's grid with hammers?


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Just starting to dip into modelling and texturing so i can be 100% self reliant and have complete control over my environments.

My question is: How do you set the 3ds max units / grid to the same scale as hammer's? I'm sort of a neatness freak when it comes to grids and snapping nowadays so i'd like to be working on the correct scale to begin with.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the response hessi.

In that case - do you know how i can import some brush work into max for reference and to build around?


edit - thanks Pericolos0, exactly the tut i was looking for :)

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Little bit of an irritating problem.

As a i mentioned im anal when it comes to things being alligned to the grid, so i set up the grid as you mentioned and imported a set of clean geometry into max. Everything worked great but it seems to not allign 100% correctly to the new grid settings?


Im not worried about the player brush but the floor and 'wall' brushes are all perfectly alligned on the large grid in hammer but for some reason don't allign to the max grid properly?

Here's the grid settings i imputted (for some reason i wasn't able to imput 16,0 only as max defaulted it to what you see here when i pressed enter).


It wouldn't be so bad if i just had to zoom into a smaller grid level to allign things using this scale but the boxes dont even allign on the smaller levels of the grid :{


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