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CAL Condition Zero seeks map maker

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Sorry i did not know where to post this.

CAL's Condition Zero division is in need of a map maker. de_train (A CS 1.6 map) was never made into de_train_cz unfortunately, i am seeking a map maker that has extensive knowledge in mapping CS 1.6 (As i doubt any of you really have mapped CZ) that also knows the game well, and has played it. The reason i say that is so the map is done with competition in mind, i want it VERY similar to the 1.6 map, same spammable spots, etc.

If anyone is interested feel free to email me - SteveC@Caleague.com or PM me on IRC #Caleague-cz (CAL-cz|Steve). Or please post here!


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If i remember correctly, the only changes they made from 1.6 to CZ were graphical and adding area names (so when you radio, it shows where you are).. now, i imagine everyone uses atleast in game comms at CAL? do the area names really make a difference then?

I'm sure you'll let me know if i've missed something ;)

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