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Quakecon 2006 Signups


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Quakecon 2006 has been announced. For those that dont know, QC is a 1800 person 3-day lan party in Texas. Its sponsored by nVidia, Alienware, Dell, Newegg, id Software, and a whole bunch of other major computer players.

You basicly play anything you want for 3 days straight. Theres prize giveaways, sneek peeks, and demos, things like that. Its a hell of a time. From the official site:

We know you all have been waiting to find out about QuakeCon 2006, and we want to thank you for your patience. We’ve had some unexpected issues locking in the dates and location, but don’t worry, we’re still bringing you another kick-ass QuakeCon event, and it’s already right around the corner - August 3 – 6 in Dallas, TX at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in their Trinity Exhibition Center.

With about 1,800 BYOC spots, QuakeCon 2006 will be a bit more exclusive than it has been the last couple of years, but we hope people will enjoy the more personal touch this year. QuakeCon 2006 will of course include all the great activities that it’s known for, including high-stakes tournaments, workshops, exhibitors, the BYOC Area, parties, and the public’s first chance to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

First-come, first-served online registration for the BYOC area will kick off at 9 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 28th, 2006, at http://www.quakecon.org.

To reserve a room for QuakeCon 2006, call the Hilton Anatole Hotel at 214-761-7500, or Hilton’s toll-free reservation number, 1-800-HILTONS. To receive our specially negotiated room rate of $125 (single, double, triple, or quad occupancy), and our special daily self-park rate of $5 (regularly $15 per day), you must request the group rate for “QuakeCon 2006” when making your reservations. The Hotel requires a $50 non-refundable deposit on group reservations, which will be credited to your final room bill upon check-out. Rooms at this rate are limited, so don’t wait! Additional information regarding the Hilton Anatole Hotel is available at http://www.hilton.com.

*** The QuakeCon room rate is available starting Monday June 26th at 12 noon CDT ***

It is important to note again that the only way to receive the special room rate of $125 and the $5 daily self-parking, is to call Hilton reservations at the numbers listed above and book your reservation under QuakeCon 2006.

We’ll have details about the event schedule and tournaments very soon. Thanks for being patient, and get ready for another great QuakeCon.

I'll be there, but then again, I'm not important enough for anyone to care about me.

Point is, I went last year, its a blast. Commuted down from Wisconsin and it was the best three days ever. I walked away with so much free stuff. My friend walked away with two 7800's for free (nVidia likes to randomly hand out things).

I realize this post is kinda geeky, but whatever. Its fun. Anyone that can make it, come. Its the best time ever.

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Woohoo, I can walk home afterwards.

Fucking hell, the Gaylord hotel (not making that name up) was a long fucking ways away from anything.

I'll probably be stationed there for a day, so stop by and meet me if you want and we can commiserate about the smell of human grease and nerdstink that permeates these events. I'll be at the Quakewars booth most likely.

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POSTMAN! YOU STOLE MY AVATAR! YOU FUCKING BASTARD! KOKO MADE THAT FOR ME! I had to remove it because klein said it wasn't appropriate. What the fuck man? :mad:

edit: PM from klein a few days ago.


your avatar is not appropriate.... please replace/remove it.


If a moderator can have it, then I am going to have it!

editx2: By the way, I'm going to QuakeCon Section, so maybe I'll see you there?

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