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warby presents: de_wanda 100% custom map for cs-source


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i am aware that it feels very empty

the bomb target will be a big museum-ish building that is suppsoed to look from the inside like that super famouse new york grand central station photograph with the ligh comin in from the windows ( anyone kno which one i am talking about). originaly the map was supposed to be completly in the style of "shadow of the colossus" but than i found beyond good and evil for 3 bucks in one of those software bargain bins in a mall and wasblown away how cute their world hillys is and decided to go for a similiar souther european style ( probably france ... ubisoft ... right ?!)

mad creditz to:

-hessi for the cool photo dvds :D

-xtender for hosting the pics on his webspace while mine is down

any suggestions are welcome paint overs are totaly being prefered :D

...also i totaly lie in the topic its not 100% custom( yet) iam using the militia hdr sky


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-hessi for the cool photo dvds :D


it's just great to see all those images on other peoples maps!

i will never have the time to use all my photos(which means like 15GB right now) on mapprojects.

i love the small house on the left of the fountain in the first image but please give the roof a blue color. windows are just great. i know which image you took 'em from ;)

btw: i will enlarge my photocollection this summer with more french city/village photos :) this year i can spend more time in saints/angouleme, France which are both really great cities to take reference photos. maybe i could get more church images... anyone got tips on how to make photos in really dark areas like churches without using a flash? i got a eos 300 and iso1600 mode allows me to be really sensitive on light but its not enough. maybe a trick on keeping a camera still without additional stuff could be helpfull.

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all roofs will be blue pans or green cooper irght now all angeld stuff has a wood texture on it but its not supposed ot be like that ^^ i just didn thave anythign better at that point

i have a super teh borken dark monitor on my end everythign looks fine :D i guess i should look at the map on someone elses machine ey ? brightness wise

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Uh.. .I could be very wrong, but did you (warby) make an official CS map?

if so...

which one was that?

I would say you mean Narby, the creator of de_aztec :wink:

aaah- Of course :P

Looking great warby. I would consider changing the lighting of your level though, I think the level has some very intence colors at the moment.

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