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dm_fairytale - a snarkpit contest entry


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the architecture is still there, just the lighting isn't helping it atm. give it time to grow. ANd as OL said, the angles aren't the best.

another couple of shots



I really dont like how this one is turning out. I like the window but the blue is too dominant and the water is not transparent. I will tone down the blue so its just hinted, and increase the orange dominance while highlighting key features like the bed and dresser.


this is an update on the environmental sky value. I like this better.

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THe contest are maps based on a defining Theme. They will be judged on how well they meet that theme along with the usual brushwork, texturing, lighting, ect.

crackerjack I dont understand what you mean by harry potter. So explain yoruself quickly cause I'm making light fixtures as we speak :P

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