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Insurgency Media Update


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Enjoy the new high resolution screenshots!

(Click on images to enlarge)


almadan_1_thumb.jpg almadan_2_thumb.jpg almadan_3_thumb.jpg

almadan_4_thumb.jpg almadan_5_thumb.jpg almadan_6_thumb.jpg


baghdad_1_thumb.jpg baghdad_2_thumb.jpg baghdad_3_thumb.jpg


karkar_1_thumb.jpg karkar_2_thumb.jpg karkar_3_thumb.jpg

karkar_4_thumb.jpg karkar_5_thumb.jpg karkar_6_thumb.jpg

So, the first question would be 'what has the team behind Insurgency been working on?' Well, during those silent times we have outdone ourselves and we worked very hard on the first public beta 'candidate' release (BC1) for the playtesters, who are very impatient to get their hands on it! We are very pleased to say that we are reaching the end of the tunnel and are also very impatient to finally release it to our precious testers. You’ll probably hear from us again when that time has come.

Since we want to make it up for the lack of updates and communication, we first of all bring you some brand new .plans from our hard working developers. Be sure to check them out in the .plan section on our forums. Some of them include screenshots of their work in progress, such as level editor shots from 2d-chris's latest map. Also be sure to check out Skybex's .plan which is featuring an exclusive sceenshot from his Croatian level.

We also have finally updated our Developer Showcase, which features some great weapon animations by Strykerwolf along with some other cool stuff. Don't miss it! If you want to view the Developer Showcase, you have to be a registered forum member.

This all sounds really cool, but what about some real sounds? Insurgency features some very nice ingame music thanks to the talented musician, Rich Douglas. Today you have the opportunity to listen to one of the menu tracks created by Rich, that plays once Insurgency is opened. It's called 'Insurgency Preparation' and can be downloaded by clicking on the image below (save target as).


Insurgency Preparation (3.69 MB)

(Click on image to download)

Mirror 1 (Thanks to multiplay.co.uk)

Sorry for the copy paste but I had so much work on this update I was to lazy to actually create an original post hehe. Hope you like it :)

Check out the rest of the update at http://www.insurgencymod.net

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