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Very nice and immersive atmosphere, rest was basically what you could also see in the videos and most of that stuff was pretty cool. Like the portals and gravity puzzles.

Art looks good, although very similar to D3/Q4. Gonna try the mp mode later, I also enjoyed that the demo was so long!

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You know, its not half bad. It's amazingly dumb with all its indian/spirit shit (intentionally too, but still) and the graphics get incredibly dull after a few minutes (YAY, the pitch black shadows and absurdly bright specular maps are back). But the level design and general gameplay ideas are pretty awesome. All the gravity walkways, portals and gravity changing plates really make this more arcadey and thus a lot easier to enjoy.

Havent tried out MP but I bet it could be pretty neat.

Oh and the voice acting for the main character? Holy fucking shit thats some horrible stuff ;). Oh and try and get some more generic and ugly weapon designs :)

Plus I'm definitely gonna get it, but thats only cuz its coming for the 360 and that means ACHIEVEMENT POINTS!!!

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Yeah gotta agree with mazy.

It feels just too much graphicwise.. so many little texture details it gets irritating tbh.

But yeah i really dig some of the stuff in it. Portals and gravity stuff.

Gave a small shot at mp too. Felt really slow. But tried it for such a short while it really isn't fair to say anything before trying it out more.

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