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updated my site with some traditional 2d STUFF


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jean reno in there is from 2 days ago was like the first thing i have done on paper in 3 years

.. so what iam trying to say is one can improuve if one draws every day and doesnt leave 3 year large gabs between ones training :D

but i am gonna do more traditional stuff from now on I promise myself :))


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very awesome, it shows you have alot of drawing talent that can only get better :)

I dont like the way you scanned them though. The contrasts are painful and make the sketches feel artificial.. Less contrasty on a grey background would be better imo :) (because paper is actually pretty gray when you compare it to the monitor white)

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oh yeah this fucking scanenr is a disgusting piece crap o boughed it 8 years ago and was suprised to find it today in the basement

the pictures also loose alot of detail because the scanner doesn tlike ligth shades of gray only 50% to 100 % black shows up at all on the scans so its like half of the grey spectrum

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