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Gearbox Cogs, Level Design and Texture Artist for BiA3


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So children of mapcore. I am here to begin scouting for Gearbox Cogs to work on BiA Hell's Highway as level designer and texture art contractors with the oppurtunity to go full time. We are a licensee of Unreal 3 technology so you'd also have the oppurtunity to play with newer and prettier toys than the rest of the children.

What you need :

1) An online portfolio that showcases how awesome you are, please do not email portfolios as attachments, only your resume should be attached.

2) To have graduated high school. Sorry no one under 18.

3) Some game development or mod experience.

4) A pretty smile or a desire to make one.

Please drop an email to me at:


and we'll get back to you shortly.

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I sure have a pretty smile, so I guess atleast I qualified for one of them.

Would this be onsite? Is off-site work nothing that companys do anymore?

Good luck to anyone that applys!


this Cogs program, it's a thing to give new people a little taste of what the industry is like? Is there anywhere with more info on what Cogs is (public)?

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