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Vileville WIP


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Hi all, I have been a lurker here for some time now, but its finally time to post...

This is one of my current projects for UT2k4, Vileville.

An old fashioned town that's eerily deserted...something is very wrong here in Vileville. The architecture is inspired by the many turn-of-the-century brick buildings in my area. Its 99% custom textures and meshes. Its still in the relatively early stages here- I'll be adding a horror-themed sewer system beneath the streets, and there will be access to the rooftops. Between those additions players will enjoy some vertical gameplay in the level design.










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Hi guys... I recognize generalvivi, he's seen this stuff over at pixelmorgue!

I have to agree that the overall design needs more variety. The brick textures and window meshes are sort of a starting point, so I can get a feel for the atmosphere of the environment. I do plan on having at least a couple more types of buildings, with new exterior textures, as well as new architectural meshes like windows doorframes and trims. I was hoping to get a sense of what others thought of the map so far. Hopefully I will get some more pics up soon.

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I like the lighting alot, as I do the textures and the atmosphere, but I'd scale the floortexture down alot! It's way too big imo.

But yeah, love the looks of it! :)

That's not a bad idea. I was considering making use of Unreal's static meshes to make a modular floor mesh with the cobblestone texture applied to a bunch of actual modeled stones and repeated as necessary.

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