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Underwater Low Poly Level


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I recently took part in a challenge to create a 1000 poly model with a 512x512 texture space, with alphas (opacity) allowed.

The theme was an underwater FPS. I chose to make a level, as I thought it would the most challenging thing to do :)

Anyway, I though I'd post what I made for you guys to play.


Click to Download

Its about 2.3Mbs :)

To run just double click the cauldron.exe

Its set to run at 1280x1024, if you need a smaller res, please edit the start.txt as necessary

The entirety of the level makes exactly 1000 polys, with all the textures together totallying 512x512.

And heres my texture sheet:


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very cool, textures could have used some more work though i think :)

also the lightmap really is a big waste of texture space imo. You could have used that for better purposes and used vertex lighting for the lighting model.

but still very cool. Where can we find such challenges :P? I remember hearing about a low poly level modelling challenge for handhelds a while ago

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It was a challenge set on my Uni forums :)

Regarding the lightmap, I felt it looked 10x better than vertex lit.

And as for the textures I agree, although I used the small overlays for variation in shading, I'll look into improving the textures (mainly the cliffs) later :)

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its just that the lightmap doesnt make much sense to me, ofcourse it looks better than vertexlighting, but the space could be used for more different textures, that gives a way better look overall imo :). for example the lightmap on the boat model... thats just a waste of texture space as you only use that boat once, you could just draw the shadows on the boat texture

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Cheers Sensee :)

I've worked on it a bit more, though I'm going to leave it at this stage, unless I get some crit that really needs to be worked with :)

Really Really appreciate the crits Peri :D

I changed the rocks somewhat, its less noisey but still the style I wanted, I also did the lightmap as suggested, and with the spare space added more detail to the sand. I then made the oyster look better, and more sea worthy ;)

Anyway, heres the new build and texture sheet:

Download here


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Its the game engine we use at Uni. It is built on the Blitz3D engine, basically animations, etc are defined in the game.txt

Its a good little engine to use, but not for proper games, as it has (at current) a very basic trigger system, "if your in range do this anim", you can't have complex trigger systems unless you devise a killer animation system, and theres only basic "wonder about" AI.

Its nice for art demos though :)

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