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Dunno if I should finish it. Resident Evil Mansion map....

THE Phreak

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I couldn't find any other pics, as I haven't worked on it in Ages. Basically, when I first started mapping , I decided to do a good remake of the old mansion, since every map that has tried to in the past looked worse than PS1 games. As I learned, I kept adding new things, improving upon old areas until I reached what you see above in March 06. I stopped working on it due to school and optimization woes. Also, the tight layout would be hard for a CS:S game, and without proper support I wouldn't be able to squeeze out a decent SP mini mod.

So, what do you guys think? I'm a better mapper than I was 3 months ago, but I'm sort of on "Mapper's-Block" with this one.

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Try starting something else for awhile and then after a few weeks come back to this one. Chances are that while you're making the other map you'll think of an idea that doesnt work for that map but would work for this map.

Just make sure you actually come back to this map, otherwise you'll end up having 30 unfinished maps with no releases (me has this problem).

Looks nice.

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I think it looks great - especially the shot outside, the fog wisping around the trees creates an amazing atmosphere! I know its the resi evil mansion but it may be slightly too dark for a multiplayer FPS map?

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