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New Quake4 Textures by Lunaran


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...I'm posting them here because he told me to when I told him to. Set is based off some older Q2 textures with a dash of Q1 computer textures for your brush monkeying enjoyment.

Originally posted as the question "Who wants some new Q4 textures?"

You do, assbutt.



You like?


I didn't make a map with them this time, but don't let that stop you. A lot of stuff in this pak will accept a color key if you put it on a func_static, namely all the glowy crap, so don't browse the list in the editor and feel like you're stuck with the presets. More info is in the readme.

oh yeah: There's a new weapon spawnpad .lwo in the pak but KFS says he can't get it to show up in the model browser. It's there, though - models/mapobjects/power/pad.lwo - if you want to place it by force.

~ Lun

My map with them is sadly unfinished thus far :( But I'll show some shots here when appropriate :)

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I heard somewhere (I think on the pipeline or func_msgboard) that Lunaran made the source files for some of his textures available in the past. Do you know if I can still get those? I would like to know how he works and such :)

Just asked him - he said they're "somewhere" and that he's "gotta get all that stuff online." So yeah. Check back!

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