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Little 2d game under allegro


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During the last 3 months, we had to make a project for the programming classes. And so, of course, i've decided to do a little 2D game with the good old SNES feeling. So it's a top view shooter made for two human players on the same keyboard (yeah, i wanted to own my teacher during the presentation :banjo: ).

I've started with nothing, except really basic knowledges about C++, and because of that, i've used a free graphic library called ALLEGRO instead of making my own engine under opengl or directx. http://alleg.sourceforge.net/index.html

That's how it looks (yeah well, i had only 3 months :D)


And that's where you can dl it

http://kokosovar.free.fr/projetinfo_aub ... r_g105.zip

You have all the souces in a .cpp file if you are interested to look at the code. (it's horrible but it works anyway)

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