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I was recently talking to hinkey... and it dawned on me... I have known some of you people for like 4 or 5 years... That is a long time, I mean you just don't see that in a lot of other communities (except quake) where people have hung around for so long and kept in touch on some level... I mean I can recall talknig to... Thieggsta, troi, telnets, mikezilla,mojo, hinkey, even zaphod so long ago on the phone... back in the core days that its just amazing that we have for the last 5 years kep shit semi together... Anyways thats my rant for the day...

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I do not recall mapcore ever saying that we would ever produce something and if you want to be honest we do have a high rate of success. I mean look at some of the name that have gone on to work for game companies... some who maybe just maybe if it had not been for mapcore being there would not have had the push and drive to keep doing what they are doing.. Its a pretty high success rate in that factor.

On top of that somehow we still seem to get new users in that damn irc channel.. which means somewhere people still talk about mapcore...

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never expected to produce anything? this entire mapping thing starts out as a hobby, you are never REQUIRED to make anything, and yet how many ppl have gotten jobs in gaming? duffy, do you just say things so people notice or do you believe them?

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