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So Al-Zarqawi got owned...


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Won't change much I guess; it has more of a PR effect for the US (and the other side) than anything else, since the groups operating in Iraq are so loosely connected that it would have much of an effect on the groups' abilities.

He will be replaced and is already being celebrated as a martyr, so, meh.

Nothing much of a change.

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Besides the obvious visual match (the guy looks exactly like sarqawi) they finger printed him and ID'ed his scars and tatoos with the description they had and they got a match on all counts.

They are also doing DNA tests to be absolutely sure which should be ready within the next 2 days. Also, Al Qaeda has already confirmed the death on their website

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How can they be absolutely sure he's dead though, or that he was even at the place they attacked? Though hopefully he is dead, as if it will make any differance if he is.

They already pulled dental records and birthmarks off of the body. After the US has put so out so many of those "we think we killed blah blah blah" only to be proven wrong later, you know they did their fact checking first before announcing something this big.

Apparently, most of the top aides were with him at the time, so whoever is going to be filling in the power void is going to be from the B team.

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Breaking news: Zarqawi died struggling on a stretcher
RD, in what way he died doesn't really matter.. It's not like he is alive just because he died on a stretcher, or he wouldn't be alive if he got shot 3 times into his skull etc.

His dead, and nobody really cares about if he died on a stretcher struggling or whatever.

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