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[WIP] Half-Life 2 Single player map Optimization


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I have run through a gllview and placed hints and done some detailing. But my compile time is still too slow and long due to too many visleaf calculations. Would like some opinion on what to do. thanks. Let me know if you have time to take a look at my map and I'll send it to you with a fast build (bsp) and the vmf.

Download the map here:


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Hey. Nice map. Hope it turns out good. What struck me first was how it was just in a big hollowed out cube. I'll take a look at it further later after dinner :P but for now thats my only suggestion.

Delete that skybox ->


and put in something like this ->


Have the skybox made of multiple brushes that hug the edges of your map's geometry like sealing it shut. That's the best way I can describe it. I hope the picture illustrates it better. It'll help vvis alot I hope.

I wasn't going to suggest the skybox thing because on first view it looked like an RP map because it was so open but now after re-reading it I realise its a single player map. Try and make some map geometry occlude other parts of the map. Unless you do this it wont matter a damn if you have hint brushes because the engine will render most of the map anyway because its visible anyway.

Also func_areaportals are your friend. I myself never got them working but thats because Im lazy and not because they dont work. They're especially good in single player maps but I've seen them work in multiplayer (cs_assault for CS:S comes to mind). I can't find a tutorial at the moment but do a google search and see what you find.

Good luck with the map.

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