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Real World Crysis Comparison

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I wonder how fast this would run in-game though at that level of quality...

Well two major things about the title... one its a Windows Vista only game at the current moment. Since it uses Directx 10 which right now is only in Windows Vista; Vista hardware reqs are a little higher then current day windows, but the major thing about these screens is that they are running on shitty quality hardware and by that I mean, everything we see of Crysis is being emulated across DX 9 hardware which means its not running at its tip top... since there really is no DX 10 hardware yet we should really wait and cast judgement when the game is running on its actual hardware.

no prototype hardware? :?

Well, even if they had prototype hardware, its still... well, a prototype so the point stands... I'll shut up now.

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Extremely impressive stuff there! It seems like Crysis is going to visually kick as much ass as the original FarCry did.

Regarding how the required pc to run this I don't think we have much to fear if we look at FarCry. It ran like a dream in general and had quite a bunch of settings to adjust if you needed better performance.

I do not have any doubt regarding that this is ingame screenshots either. If you take a closer look at them you will see that it both in regards to polygon count and the technologies use are not that far off. You can e.g. look at the mountains in the first picture and see that they are not really that smooth.

In the 2nd picture there is first of all the grass which is somewhat lacking compared to the rest. In addition the shadows also seem a bit on the harsh side and the texture filtering shows it weakness on the fence.

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