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Real World Crysis Comparison

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Looks maybe good, but what about gameplay?? The games who came the last 3-4years were so non-innovative like a sword in the 25. century! All boring, all the same and all have cool graphics. That's the only cool thing. Nothing more, nothing less.

Wfr, Sindwiller

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having played the demo at E3 of this wonderful title, I must say it really does look that good. Its almost sad really because you spend more time drawn in by the looks then you do the actual game.

Agreed. Though I only got to play it for about 5 minutes in the EA booth in one area. Still, best looking jungle evar.

Makes me think that someone should make a great tropical island adventure game in that engine...like if they really do make a game for Lost.

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Those are real?!! They look fake to me as if they're too realistic to be in-game.. I suppose Frie would know though...

Considering you still mod for HL1, I'm not surprised you find this particularly amazing. It is real, though — I saw a few shakycam videos from E3 where the person in front of the machine was clearly actually playing it in real time.

Not surprising that it looks so good though when you think back to how stunning Far Cry looked when it came out. Crytek sure know how to make some dazzling engine.

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I wonder how fast this would run in-game though at that level of quality...

Well two major things about the title... one its a Windows Vista only game at the current moment. Since it uses Directx 10 which right now is only in Windows Vista; Vista hardware reqs are a little higher then current day windows, but the major thing about these screens is that they are running on shitty quality hardware and by that I mean, everything we see of Crysis is being emulated across DX 9 hardware which means its not running at its tip top... since there really is no DX 10 hardware yet we should really wait and cast judgement when the game is running on its actual hardware.

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