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All hail the Valve


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http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?ar ... 345&page=1

Eurogamer: Lost Coast was clearly a successful way of demoing and testing HDR and the commentary system. Do you plan to roll out more tech demos soon?

Gabe Newell: Yeah, we have a couple...

Eurogamer: This year?

Gabe Newell: This year, yes.

Eurogamer: Are you planning to talk about those soon?

Gabe Newell: Yes, now that Episode One's done.

More free goodies from Valve. God I want to play on some of those cut levels :-D

There was also talk of actual expansions ala Blue Shift and Opposing Force.

Let us dance! :dance::dance::dance:

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yeah a Half-Life 2 version of Blue Shift would be cool since theres a lot of points in the game (like 99% of the time) where you don't know wtf Barney's doing. So a lot of freedom available just so long as he appears where he was in hl2.

I'm looking forward to those new tech demos they're focusing on atm supposedly out this year. Said they had ''a couple''.

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Speaking of which, i just read on ign that valve says the half-life 2 episodes are taking the place of half-life 3. Not sure why they didn't just call it Half-Life 3:Episode 1... :?

Actually I heard just the opposite. They were tired of going on 5-6 years projects without releasing anything, so they went the opposite way (episodes) while preparing an HL3 which would be as revolutionary tech wise as HL1 and HL2 were for their times...

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what are those techdemos good for if they dont give us mod developers access to those features? i am still waiting for hdr in a mod :(

I thought that would work?! Can't you just compile a map with HDR and then play it in your mod?

I wish to see some of the Ep1 features and entities available for mapping and moding soon.

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Valve havn't done an SDK update in months, if not a year. We need the backend code for all there new stuff like HDR.

They keep pushing back the date of updating it, sure it was originally gonna be updated with DoD:S release...then a few weeks later..then maybe before Ep.1...now who knows.

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