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Another thread about urban violence...


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Damn, we (brazilians) are kind of used to hearing news about murders and stuff but guys I'm really shocked now.

An ex-teacher of mine was beaten to death last night. The reasons are still unkown but it may have something to do with his alcohol habits. Although he was EXTREMELY clever and had one of the sharpest memories I have ever seen he was an alcoholic. He had no real reasons to be one, he had a healthy family, people supporting him all time and everything but he still couldn't quit alcohol...

So yeah he was found in the outskirts of the city with several wounds on the forehead, was taken to the hospital but couldn't resist.

btw, he was an engineer, physics teacher and could teach from anything from freud to general history :(

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Mino's english can be a little sketchy sometimes ;)

I think he ment beaten to death... and at the end he probably didnt mean resist, more like "couldn't hold on much longer".

But yeah, really sad. Its always kinda bad when theres violence around you, but it doesn't really hurt before it happens to someone you know :/

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i can add a story too. even with a teacher (my mother)

today i was shopping with her and we enjoyed the day. then at 3pm i had to leave because there was a meeting at the university i had to got to. happy of getting out of this much ealier as i expected i drove home and as i opened the door my mother lay on the couch with a big abrasion on her forehead.

she was knocked down by a stupid cyclist who was on full speed in a pedestrian zone (where my mother walked). kind of strange day.

well it seems as today was a really strange day.

hopefully everything will turn out better in the future

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