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Best Sniper levels from a "fixed" position


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Hey guys, need some help that I think should be easy for us in our collective knowledge.

I am doing some game design consulting on an interesting game project. This is not for a retail game, nor for an entire game, just a prototype level for a contained idea. The client has commissioned a game developer to make a game design where there are 2 kinds of players:

1) players in a relatively fixed position (like a confined rooftop) overlooking a large battle area. these players have sniper weapons and long range portable rockets. They must help safeguard friendly vehicles navigating through a hostile area by sniping and destroying enemies and enemy vehicles.

2) players in a drivable vehicle down a confined path (almost like a rail shooter) where they can shoot enemies and enemy vehicles with small arms or a vehcile mounted weapon. (A lot like the movie Black Hawk Down.)

I am looking for reference material in video games, mainly PC games, that feature the above 2 kind of gameplay. I need to provide them with a list of games and specific levels where either of the above 2 types of gameplay, or close proxies, are featured. Any suggestions? I have listed just a few from off the top of my head:

Confined Sniper gameplay

- Call of Duty 2, The Silo (silotown)

- Call of Duty 2, Comrade Sniper (downtown_sniper)

- Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Level 5.3 "The Bridge"

- Good suggestions?

near-railshooter gameplay:

- uh...about a zillion from CoD and MoH games.

- Good suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

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One that comes to mind is CoD2, the desert mission where you need to radio in the coordinates of the incoming panzers. That's not a "sniper" role but it kinda is at the same time...at least to me :) You're supposed to be on the roof, and yes you can move but you're bound to lose the mission if you do.

That might not help, but I'd still suggest it for ideas

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I think a lot of the GRAW levels would be applicable here. The treasury multiplayer map, especially, has some great moments where one or two roof snipers can cover a large area and help coordinate friendlies at street level.

Also, the Sniper Scope arcade games seem like #1 in a nutshell. Almost all of the levels are as you described.

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Sniper gameplay :

Max Payne 2 - Mona Sax on the construction site covering Max's advance (Chapter 2).

Brothers in Arms - The Church.

Project I.G.I. - "Playing God" sniping from watertower while covering assault squad.

Sniper Elite - Covering agent from tower (second mission I think).

Hidden and Dangerous 2 - There was a level near the end where you have to hole up and defend your position. Can't remember exactly but I think you were relieving US troops.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - 3rd-4th mission where the US embassy explodes and you snipe from within the ruins while protecting VIP.

Grand Theft Auto 3 - Covering 8Ball's assault on ship.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories - Covering the Don's assault on the strip club.

Railshooter gameplay :

Black Hawk Down - Loads of it.

Metal Gear Solid - Final tunnel chase.

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Final jeep chase.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Couple of rail sections including the final mission.

Those are some off the top of my head. Sorry I can't really name specific levels or missions but I'll try and get the names soon. The prototype sounds really interesting by the way, I love everything snipey :)

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