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This is a map for Empires (HL2 RTS/FPS hybrid mod), all the custom models, sprites, skybox (just terragen) and some terrain textures are made by me. Due to its size (max grid+3dskybox) detail was lowered on terrain and the few present brushes.

b26b9b5e0b40052e4481ff155aeb1275.th.jpg 2a1c51796c0f76423089c86e52a2ee9a.th.jpg 95ad09b71587839909060e9a9358308b.th.jpg a4b098441445a9d5c7c4287d7ebf2d4b.th.jpg

http://rapidshare.de/files/22228542/emp ... y.rar.html

If you don't know this mod, give it a try because it rocks :-D


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Performance was ok on my system, but I'm looking for any input about that matter. I can lower z clip distance if things go bad. This mod also uses bloom effect and it takes quite a lot performance (about 30%), so if someone cares about it, can be disabled with this command: pp_bloom 0

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Awesome stuff, I will definitely check out this map when I start playing Empires again. :)

This map is much more fitting of Empires than the early stuff we saw in the initial release. Do you have any plans for more? It would be cool to see a snowy wasteland map. :-D

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I have no inmediate plans for more maps of this kind. Probably I'll return to monument valley theme because I love that place, but don't know for what mod it will be.

My next one will be located in an old western city, you know, saloon, sheriff office, hotel, and such. I want to recreate some of the movie sets made in my country in the spaguetti western years, lot of time ago.

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Hey man, you a member of the Empires dev team, or have they released the FGD and assets for custom maps? Looks like an interesting mod to have a play around with :)

They released it, comes with the package. Can be found under mapsrc\fgd

There is also a wiki with all the info needed to set resources, minimap, etc


I'm not part of the dev team, this is just my little contribution to the project. This mod deserves much more, hope it keeps improving because I like it a lot.

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