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Darsana standalone game

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Welcome to Darsana! A standalone game in the works for the Darkplaces engine. Darsana is a combination of a fast paced first person shooter, and a simplified statistics system along with strategies that of an RPG. Darsana runs along the lines of a fantasy medieval time including magic, bows, medieval melee weapons, and more! You may pick between being a Knight, or join the ranks of the Undead. It is solely multiplayer and meant for 5-30 people per server.

site: http://darsana-game.com

Currently I'm looking for halflife1/quake3 mappers with a bit of experience willing to make maps similar in size to CS maps with the same exact entity placement as counter-strike's.

Darsana is just about finished spare a few well done maps! So please get in on helping develop a game sure to release

some beta testing images:





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