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There is alot of critisicm aimed ND and other mods because people think they are ripping off the premise of NS.

But I found something interesting on the TF2 wiki entry:

In addition to including and improving upon many of the classes present in Team Fortress Classic, TF2 promised to introduce several new classes. The most promising of these classes was the "Commander" class, which put the player in control of a team of players with the task of coordinating them to victory. This class would add strategic elements to the game, borrowing ideas from the genre of strategy games. In an interview, Robin Walker, the game's lead designer, said the game was more appropriately labelled a first-person strategy as opposed to a first-person shooter. Another feature was the much touted in-game voice communication that would allow players to talk to one another to coordinate strategies. Such a feature is no longer unique and is standard in most current multiplayer first-person shooters.

Many of TF2's features and themes, including squad-based command structures, commander views, and the fusion of RTS and FPS itself, have since appeared in other games such as Natural Selection...

Any thoughts on this?

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Tribes 2 had a command view too, with a detailed map of the level where you could plant beacons and such for the rest of your team. Pretty sure NS came out after 2001?

Really though, it's such an obvious evolution that any talk of ripping off is ludicrous.

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You could create waypoints for your team that appear in their first-person view, put markers such as 'attack here', 'defend here' and 'repair here' down, and even bring up a view of where all the deployables and such on the map were . Heck, you could even make a little window appear in the corner showing you a 3D view of a player if you click on them, and then give them direct orders.

It was a pretty thorough but underused part of the game, and it certainly had an RTS feel to it — if used with an attentive team, anyway. I'm not saying it was a full blown RTS, but certainly a milestone in a merger that's basically inevitable.

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Empires Mod does this, and I don't see them under any spotlight. My guess it's simply cause it's ND, and they want to bring it down in anyway possible. The idea isn't an amazement, they took 2 forms of gameplay and put them together. I wouldn't credit NS to be the first of this genre.

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Don't forget Savage and BF2, they used the same premise as NS yet they made money :P I hate hearing about games coping NS becuase NS gameplay is one of the best so the more games that do it, the better.

The whole point of this thread has completely gone over your head.

Thrik: I guess I agree with you now. I believe tribes was also the first FPS to feature vehicles? I remember seeing a two page ad of it in an old issue of PC Gamer from 99. It looked really impressive though unfortunality I didn't get to play it myself for several years.

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