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Impressive looking HL1 mod: Paranoia


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Now don't get me wrong we're not talking Source quality here but these Russian guys have managed to make something that is pretty close untilising HDR lighting effects, volumetric fog, bump maps and large detailed areas.

Take a look:



Some screens in case you're feeling lazy:






80% complete apparently, I'm certainly going to keep my eye on this one :)

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Except Nuclear Dawn huh? :P;)

Apparently this is their first attempt at producing SP stuff for the HL engine, all I can say is they needn't of worried.. I just hope the gameplay is up to standard...

shaDoW: It's set in the Russian army so that'd explain it, it's also a sort of horror thing so I'm expecting to see zombified Russian soldiers at some point...

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I think this mod is reeaaally old, if i remember right i saw some screenshots of this like years ago, definately looks great! Hope we get something out soon :)

It looks pretty good but that bumpmapping looks godawful though

But it's bummapping on hl1, they just have to use it :wink:

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