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Landing of Asatar : Phase 1 WIP : 56k Beware


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This is what I'm going to call "phase 1" of my level. Its a working build with everything functioning. From here I can playtest and refine. Phase 2 will include better building models with more detail and better LODs to compensate for the detail enhancement. In phase 2 I wont have to rush the textures, so I'll be able to increase the texture quality ten fold. I really want to be able to normal map the textures too, so I'll handle that during phase 2. I'll also create my own set of props so the level is not so reliant on BF2 props. Come september I want to do a short little promo movie featuring a "war correspondent" for some news organization surveying a battlefield. Who knows :D I'd like to also point out that this work is dedicated to my loving older brothers

8 weeks of learning a new engine, modeling/texturing all the buildings some other stuff, and dealing with terrain painting it on this large scale, and lighting.














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Looking swell so far.

Just a few things, the map seems to lack a theme, its a breed of evrything. A nuclear plant, a harbor and an arab villagecity. I guess its normal for BF2 maps but a little focus would be nice :)

Also the lighting looks depressing. But still ahsum work mate.

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RD: The idea of the setting was in the construction of the Nuclear Facility the harbor was created for the required materials. Because of the harbor and docks a city spawned as people were required to work there. It may or may not be a flimsy "backgroudn" but I should definately consider how I can further push that story in the actual level so players can have that feeling without me telling them.

Skalg: THanks :)

Postman: My AA is turned all the way up. So taht must mean my textures are horrible! I'll definately work on improving them in the future as I refine the level.

Furyo: Gameplay has yet to be proven :P We'll see about a hit, but thanks for the kind words.

PhatSniper: I think i'll play with the fog a little more, but I also like how it causes a subtle haze on buildigns.

Klein: Thanks mate :D

Mazzle: I'll be sure to tell you when we playtest :P

Mino: Yeah the last Nuclear Plant in iraq was destroyed by Israel. This takes place in Iran where they do have nuclear plants, however it takes place in a coastal town of Asatar, Iran. For my knoweldge it does not have nuclear plants. I was looking at names of towns and this was the only one on the coast and not a pain to spell. We all know that we hate those crazy named levels.

Polaris; You're right its in Iran, and the idea is to capture the town and the near by military base that defends the Nuclear Plant.

Peri: Thansk~! What are you curious about gameplay? Anything you're questioning? I'd love to hear your thoughts so I can improve as much as I can.

CSharp: its a pity you dont play custom maps, but from what I see not many maps have custom models..if any?

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Postman: My AA is turned all the way up. So taht must mean my textures are horrible! I'll definately work on improving them in the future as I refine the level.

:laugh: What actually caught my eye and made me mention it the most was the anti-air gun vehicle's skin (not your own, I know) looked the most muddy so I was curious if the graphics were all the way up :)

Again, looking magnificent.

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