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WheRe Is My MiNd?

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HDR is only good in small doses. Its supposed to be "that extra touch" on a level, not "OMG MY EYES ARE BURNING!" Other than that, it looks promising. I only judge from the screens, but it looks like your should try more hight variation on the outside buildings.

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No, no no. The HDR is perfect, it gives it a weird feeling (in a good way)

1. I got out of the map on more than one account, you need player clips everywhere you think its possible.

2. Great texturing, and great close quarters combat

3. Wayyyyyy to small, you need to triple the size of this map.

4. Needs soundscapes, and ambient generics. There was no noise anywhere

5. Make a way better skybox, there was nothing but sky in the background

Other than these comments its a great start, KEEP GOING.

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Nice work, the environment shows great promise and I think could be an excellent 4-6 player map.

In terms of improvement; the HDR is over blooming from the very light surfaces and needs toning down. I would also add these extra routes (blue arrows) and reposition the bombsites slightly. You could still add in more detail in the form of props and func_detail brushes without losing framerate I think. The map is small, tight and vis's well enough enough to go to town with it.


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I tried this on my UKCS server and the map was liked a lot. Most rounds only lasted 45 seconds!

However, we found a bug that means we cannot use it until fixed. Players on CT can walk off the map by jumping over the railings near their start. They can then walk under the map and shoot people from below.

I look forward to this bug being fixed and using the map more regularly.




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Done a final beta cause someone was asking about it:


No major changes, just clipped all of the map, made the basement bigger with a extra route, added some cliffs on the outskirts of the map. Just really looking for any final bugs so i can get it released, been working on it on/off since before xmas and am kinda fed up of it now :roll:

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