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Hitman Blood Money goes gold!

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It's time once again to clean the twin ballers, make sure that double Windsor knot is tight, and polish that chrome dome. Hitman: Blood Money, starring the very professional and very bald Agent 47, has gone gold and will hit store shelves on May 30. In Blood Money, the series makes its next-gen debut on the Xbox 360, and it will also be released on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC.

PC gamers who can't wait until May 30 to string some fiber wire around an unsuspecting target's neck won't have to. A demo of the game will premiere on GameSpot on Monday, May 22, at 9 a.m. PDT.

I can't believe Maz hasn't posted a thread about this yet!! Congrats man :-D

I'll certainly check out the demo, much loef for the hitman~~~

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I've said in the past that I was unimpressed by it's visuals but now I've seen the videos I know the screenshots do it no justice, it looks gorgeous in motion with lots of character models on screen at once.. plus you get to dress Agent 47 up as a chicken so it's won me over even more :-D

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theres only one review on gamerankings.com right nowgiving it a weak 6.5/10

AND I SO COULDNT CARE LESS hitman fucking rules i orderd my copy yesterday :)

GO 47 !!!!!!!!! 2ar15smilie.gif

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Thanks :D

Hehe didnt post it because it would make me look even more like an attention whore, or something ;)

It's cool, playing it really stealthy this time as opposed to running around and gunning down everything i see like i did in the previous games.

As for eggs, look for magazines on the Suburbs level and the small signs next to the rooms on the White House level (Last level of the game, which I designed quite a bit on by the way)

UE: Given that the game havent even come out yet then I think its fine, as long as people buy it if they like it or they end up playing through the game before its released. Thats what I do with all games, but I'm not quite sure everybody shares that mentality, sadly.

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Like hell you are! (Borrows all the 360 games in the IO games library, even the really bad ones D:!)

Oh yeah, here's some pics of an easteregg in the game. I didnt do it by the way, another graphics monkey did, and actually it was originally "King Kong Vs. Mazy", but Tiny Mouse is so much cooler anyway :D


Close ups



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