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Graphics distortion with OpenGL


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I have a Connect3D Radeon 9600XT 128MB and when I play Half-Life MODs in OpenGL (4 x AA, 8 x AIF, 1024x768) most models are distorted in very odd way. (See the link for an example)


Since HL runs best with OpenGL, I don't want to switch back to Direct3D (in which everything works perfectly).

Anybody know how to fix this?

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*edit: i posted before i even looked at the picture. stupid me. turn off truform (im almost sure thats the name but i honestly cant remember, its the one under or above vertical sync). its under opengl properties in advanced display settings

step 1:

turn off 4 x AA, test for same problem.

still not fixed?

step 2:

turn off 8 x AIF, test for same problem.

still not fixed?

Reinstall drivers to latest, if that doesnt work, find older version drivers, if that doesnt work try an alternative driver (in the case of ATI, omega drivers)

and finally, reinstall HL

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