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hdn_resident | 100% custom | still wip


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Hi there,

after I stopped the "mapping-thing" after the release of my two hl2dm-maps

( http://freak.eqil.de/dm_dojo_01.jpg )

( http://freak.eqil.de/dm_grawler01.jpg )

about one year ago I decided to start work on another map called hdn_resident. It's for the modification Hidden:Source ( http://www.hidden-source.com - dont know if you know about it)

Well ok, Im just posting around screens to get some CnC

So, here we go:









This is 100% custom. So, all work is done by me.

greetings from Germany

freakadelle :)

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the mansion looks sweet. The spider web looks like cums stanes though. Too smugged. I really like the detail in the textures and the brushwork makes it feel alot like old resident evils mansion.

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looks really cool, I hope to get back into teh hidden now that the new beta is out. My suggestion would be for more rafters and such for the hidden to hide (always fun)

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omg. invasion of the doomed :) somehow all those german fags join mapcore...

looks good freak, but please change those spider webs. they look really blurry and undetailed. take a look on ovies like indiana jones. that's how they have to look like ;)

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The spider web looks like cums stanes though.


Looks great and i love the atmosphere. Maybe you could use more detail, models and brushwork, displacement and such because i think indoor map like this can afford it. Keep it up!

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Fantastic work, looks nothing like c17 which is quite rare in the field of hl2 mapping. Custom content looks good, also I love that dojo map.

You've really got rid of the generic hl2 mood.

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That's looking great, one thing which needs some work is the wood textures, they have these bright marks all over them on some shots, maybe it's the specular? Anyway looks weird, maybe because everything is wooden it also reminds me of the inside of a ghost ship, but maybe that's just me :D

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first of all: thanks for all your positive comments :)

spiderwebs: yes, i know they are crap :D theyll be fixed in later version. didnt find time to make them more detailed. a lot of work is still waiting in this map.

another point relating to spiderwebs is that die hidden has a clear shape, when hes in front of them. maybe i have to delete them completly.

i could try to make the texture blend additive (its alpha-channel right now) maybe that could fix the problem. we'll see :)

and yes i will also see in which way im able to tweak the wood-wall-texture

stay tuned

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Ah really nice.

I like the textures even tho they might be a bit too much in the same brownish colour. I think it works well in this map anyhow so.

Only thing like someone else mentioned is that the spiderweb looks a bit too smudged.

Great job so far at least!

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