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Seeking skilled HL2 Mapper for Ambitious Machinima Project

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My name is Nathan Moller and I am trying to find a skilled HL2/Source mapper for a very ambitious machinima project. Philip "Overman" Rice, Richard "gToon" Grove and I have decided to join forces and give Half Life 2 the machinima treatment it deserves. Here are some of the award-nominated films we have worked on in the past:

Only the Strong Survive - http://www.riot-films.com/main/modules.php...=showpage&pid=5

Just a Game - http://www.muproductionsonline.com/html/just_a_game.html

Ours Again - http://www.muproductionsonline.com/html/ours_again.html

Father Frags Best - http://z-studios.com/films/2006/04/15/father-frags-best/

Bloodspell - http://www.bloodspell.com

Game On - http://gameon.furnacemedia.com/

We are all competent with Hammer, but we know that there is no substitute for the work of a passionate mapper for whom world builders are their medium of expression. Working with us on a film project will be very different than building one for gameplay, but it will allow you to stretch some artistic and collaborative muscles you might not often get to use. This is a "community" project in that there is no commercial funding and we are doing it on our own time and dollar, but we can say that a lot of people in the machinima and HL2 communities will see your work. We also wish to use existing assets from the game almost exclusively, so there will be very little, if any, need for original asset creation.

If at all interested, you can contact me at nathan@muproductionsonline.com and we can talk about the project. Please send links of your past work, as we want someone with plenty of Hammer/Source experience that is looking to diversify their mapping resume.


Nathan "Mu Nansen" Moller

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